Olympian Julie Ertz Shares How to Get Strong Legs and Abs Like a Professional Soccer Player

If you've ever played soccer or watched it from the comfort of your couch, you know just how strong the players are. The game requires some serious coordination, skill, leg and core strength, and endurance - and that's all before you add opponents and play for a minimum of 90 minutes.

As the US women's national soccer team prepares for its 2019 FIFA World Cup appearance, the team is training hard and smart. To find out what goes into being an elite, professional soccer player, POPSUGAR spoke to Team USA midfielder Julie Ertz about her nutrition and training routine.

What Julie's Nutrition Is Like

"Some days I have double days, some days I have triple days, so really nutrition at all times has been key in my career," Julie told POPSUGAR. Julie said that while in season the size of her meals goes down because it's hard to train on a full stomach. Although she eats smaller meals, she makes sure to eat enough in order to fuel her. If you're wondering if she counts her calories, she doesn't. "I've never been super into the caloric intake," she said. "I know what is healthy and I know what is nutritious, but my body really knows when it's hungry. And I really try not to ignore that."

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