Nebulous Perseverance

We’ve all been there. A rowdy, memorable party train suddenly derails when someone hits the deck. With any luck, the injuries are minor and it’s a short ride or hike out. Reality is sometimes a different story, though, and trail extraction can require some MacGyver-like intuition.

In this case, it was a typical hot, summer day in Whistler at the June 2015 Outerbike event and the crew from Transition Bikes was eager to squeeze in a ride after a long day of booth duty. Like any big group ride, sometimes getting going is the hardest part. “We were a rolling shitshow,” Lars Sternberg says half laughing, half shaking his head. Sternberg is a bike-industry veteran, havingto mountain bikes. He’s been with Bellingham-based Transition Bikes for nine years. The employees of Transition are a tight crew and are well known for their humorous antics. “We get pretty fired up when we’re all together,” he says.

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