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Brazil’s Largest Rescue Force
A dense reddish brown layer causes a wound in the heart of the town, making a huge trail of destruction. Seeing through the Squirrel windshield, the air view of the small Brumadinho, in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte is distressing. The unli
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What Precautions Shall I Take When Entering And Exiting A Helicopter?
Contrarily to aircrafts, helicopters allow passenger boarding and unboarding at helipads with the engine on and the main rotor blades rotating. There are discussions about whether this procedure is safe or not; but what has to be understood here is w
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Many Promises, Little Novelties
This year edition of Heli-Expo was the first one in Atlanta, one of the United States’ largest cities. The fair demands nearly 90,000 square meters of exhibition area to house over 700 exhibitors with an average of 60 helicopters exhibited in the con