While a construction site of hard-packed clay and rubble would be an eyesore for most, for Mark Bell from Bell Landscapes, it was a blank canvas full of exciting potential. Taking maxiumum advantage of the open space allotted for the garden, Mark decided to divide it

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Super Fruit
Goji berries are at the top of the superfoods list and a wonderful addition to your edible garden. The Tibetan goji berry (Lycium chinense) is a vine that grows wild in fertile valleys and hillsides in Tibet and Mongolia, where it has been used for c
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THE SCIENCE OF gardening
Luli Faber is a neuroscientist and passionate gardener who loves to have flowers on her property year-round. Her 16ha block borders the Stuart River in Wilkesdale in the South Burnett region of southeast Queensland. “My main requirement is to find pe
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Don't Miss A Beat
Whether watering or cleaning, this extendable sprayer can reach higher than any other sprayer. The 4-Pattern Extendable Wand can be extended anywhere between 93cm and 160cm to suit the task and is easily adjusted. There are four spray patterns includ