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Digital Camera World2 min read
Blending In The Flash
You can improve the quality of your fill-flash pictures in the same way that you can add a professional touch to your full-flash shots. By using a flashgun, moving it off the camera and triggering it remotely, you can control where the shadows fall.
Digital Camera World3 min read
Chasing Waterfalls
10 things to shoot, edit or create this month, including stormy composites, aerial photos and butterflies Slowing down water motion with a neutral-density filter is nothing new… but it’s one of those quintessential landscape techniques that’s always
Digital Camera World1 min read
Image Rescue
This pleasant pastoral scene lost its mood when the camera took an average meter reading, leaving the sky lacking in detail and the land missing any tonal contrast. Using Adobe Camera Raw, I can fix these issues easily. To start with, as it looks sli