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Aviation evolution has never go at such long steps. Construction engineering and on-board technological advances surprise at each launch, whatever the manufacturer or size of the equipment. From simpler to more complex models, helicopters offer tools that help pilots during flight and have more and more intelligent systems, capable to minimize the crew work load and literally telling when there is a problem, much before it occurs and puts everybody at a risk.

With Leonardo’s helicopter, the AW169, it is not different. The model has leading-edge technology and promises a flight experience almost never seen in helicopters of this size, both by pilots and passengers. Apparently, the Italian manufacturer tried to bring the comfort from its largest aircrafts to this medium-sized model, making the equipment viable for several operations around the world, either in VIP flight or also in aeromedical rescue or police operations.


It is a project still new for the brand and for the market and, therefore not many flight hours have been accumulated. This way, the first operators may undergo development situations

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