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One of the challenges of “First Man” was bringing to the spectator the personal history of a world renowned man for having set foot on the Moon. Neil Armstrong was raised to world hero in the late sixties, but he has always maintained a simple and reserved life. The movie is directed by young director Damien Chazelle, only

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Supersonic Flight
During the NBAA-BACE 2018, Aerion Corporation announced the new tacks of the AS2 program, for a supersonic business jet. The main novelties were the choice of GE for the development of the engine, which will be the greatest challenge on the program o
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Do You Fly Safely?
You and your aircraft are flying safely? The question may seem impertinent, but should be asked for reflection of who flies. A professional pilot, flying for a commercial aviation regular airline, (that s ells tickets), is continuously exercising ski
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Latin America In Debate
Held in Panama, the annual Airline Leaders Forum (ALTA) in 2018 one more time met together the leading executives of Latin-American Aviation and from several companies and entities of the world. The most outstanding issues during the meeting addresse