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Dogs Afloat
We dog owners understand the general expectations of ourselves in public places, like picking up after Fido and keeping him on a leash. There are, however, certain places where additional unspoken rules or expectations may apply—as in harbors or mari
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Abandon Ship!
To encourage yachts to join in the 2017 America’s Cup festivities, I had been working with Spirit of Bermuda and the replica yacht America in the spring of 2016 to create a race from Antigua to Bermuda. Once the idea was in motion, I also decided to
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Beneteau Oceanis 46.1
The Beneteau sailboat line has long represented a kind of continuum, both in terms of the many models the company is offering at any given moment and over time. This does not, however, in any way diminish the quality of its individual boats. Just the