Show and tell

Smart speakers have become staples of the living room, kitchen and bedroom, and now gadget S makers are looking to add something extra to the mix: a display. That means funky

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LOST IN MUSIC Noordung also makes a Music model (approx £6,000), which boasts many of the same features as the Voyager but does away with the electric power, and the Individual, which offers you the chance to create a custom paint job With micromobil
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Duncan Bell Feels The Beats
There are no second acts in American life, F Scott Fitzgerald once famously said, but then he didn’t live long enough to see Apple come along. Not only has Apple had a rather roaring second act of its own since the iPod and iPhone revitalised it, the
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The Best Oled Bargains Under £1,500
UNDER £1,000 The 55-inch Philips POS9002 is from 2017, but its panel gives today’s OLED stiff competition, even at under a grand. That’s especially true when it comes to HDR performance – Philips has really developed a knack with its colours, so when