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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…
…The electric car revolution that is. Is it happening? Is it here yet? Listening to the news and what industry pundits and commentators are constantly saying, you’d think it was literally happening now. And indeed, when I stop at a service area and s
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No Zzzzs With The Zr1
Dear Classic American Just received my latest Classic American and the mail section caught my eye with the letter from Leo Shanaz about ZR1s. It was my ZR1 that was used in the ‘Five SecWond Club’ test in the mainstream British classic mag mentione
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Event Report
What a difference a year makes. Whereas last year’s Wheels Day was probably the worst washout in memory, this year… well, few can remember such a hot sunny Easter! And that’s the thing with Easter; sometimes it comes in March when technically it’s st