This Full-Body Home Workout Will Leave You Sweaty, Tired, and Sore - in a Good Way

Home workouts are where it's at these days, because if you can get just as good of a workout minus the gym commute, the waiting for the equipment, the hunt to find floor space . . . why wouldn't you? This bodyweight workout created by Bach personal trainer Ashley Kelly, NASM, is great if you're just starting to strength train or getting back into it after a break - or for anyone else who's looking for a simple but effective workout to do anywhere.

Basic Bodyweight Workout

Equipment needed: a mat or some comfortable floor for "Y" and "T" exercises. You can also use a stable chair, bench, table, or bed for chair dips, or simply do them on the ground.

Complete two sets of each superset, with a 90-second rest between each set. Start with the

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