When I backpack, I don’t really care about having the lightest stuff. I want gear that keeps me comfortable from trail to camp. That usually means my pack is brimming, so , and fill it with camp luxuries, such as chair , the cloud-like  , and whatever (yes, paper) I’m reading at the moment. On the trail, I don’t compromise on my shell, opting for the fully-featured  . My fellow editors might make fun of me for this, but I carry enough underwear and socks—like the supersoft   and the   —for new pairs each day. When it’s time to bed down, I’m all about space: One of my tried-and-true strategies is using a three-person tent for two people, so this is where I splurge on something light, like the  . I’m a restless sleeper, so I put in some and climb in  , which isn’t constrictive. Last of all, I always carry a  —because there’s nothing less comfy than digging a cathole with your heel under pressure.

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