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Royalty on the board

No, it’s not Gary Kasparov or Magnus Carlson leaving their chess careers behind to come into the caravan market… but Checkmate Caravans are committed to bring international quality to South Africa.

Checkmate Caravans are built by Camp

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ground clearance and two-wheel drivetrains could not. The other issue was that most truck chassis-based motorhomes are usually only homologated for a driver and one other person, so unless you purchase a double cab truck on a big price tag, where do
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Adding to the fun of this trip was the fact that the boss gave me the thumbs-up to use my old Landie camper for the adventure. The Old Gal needs to drag a petrol bowser behind, as the twin SU carbs on the 3.5 V8 just literally guzzles petrol, so she