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Letter Of Month
I have been a dedicated Mac user for over 20 years. They simply make the best products, and create the best user experience with their interface design. As an IT Director, I have worked with many types of hardware and software, and I remain convinced
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Why Is Portable Document Format Not Always Portable?
Although PDF is an open standard, it has a long and complex history. It encompasses several standards, including PDF/A for archival use, PDF/X for pre–press, and PDF/UA for accessibility. The Quartz 2D PDF engine in macOS can read each variant, but d
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Streets Of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe
$9.99 From Secret Base, Needs macOS 10.6.8, 1.6GHz dual–core processor, discrete GPU with 512MB video memory Streets Of Red is the latest in a long line of retro arcade games that have been released in recent months. It’s a straightf