am writing this during a cold snap in December, which in the Northeast U.S. means temps in the low 20-degree F range. During my morning walk, an acquaintance returned my hello outside the coffee shop with a

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Two Days On California’s Delta
From afar, the California Delta might not seem like much to most boaters. The narrow, often shallow waterways rise and recede with the tide, making them tricky to navigate. The water is never clear—and is affectionately nicknamed “the Dirty Delta,” a
Boating3 min read
Inflatable Sups
These days stand-up paddleboards can be found almost everywhere. The knock, however, has always been the difficulty in taking them anywhere else. Enter the iSUP. Thanks to ultrarigid materials, iSUP boards can perform nearly as well as their stiffer
Boating1 min read
Drain The Ocean
Now a new generation of electronic charts can show the same thing on a chart plotter. Shaded-relief bathymetry depicts the ocean floor in three-dimensional detail. These charts reveal little-known wrecks, reefs and rocks that boating anglers love to