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If you want to make a few quid from selling bits and bobs online, it can be a great help to get creative with your product photography. Selling platforms such as Etsy and eBay are great places to do

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Wild Camping
One of the greatest pleasures of landscape photography is having a real connection with the great outdoors. Studio photography never appealed to me, because I don’t enjoy spending time indoors; wedding photography was often a hectic, loud and stressf
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Help Me Buy A… Tripod Head
Photographers tend to put a lot of thought and effort into choosing a tripod. But the tripod head, which you use to adjust and lock the camera position, deserves at least as much thought. Cheaper tripods tend to come as a kit with both the tripod and
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The Art Of Seeing
It has always been my assertion that this column should never have anything to do with camera gear. I’m an ‘artist’, after all, not to be bothered with such technical trivialities. Arty-farty folk like me are often dismissive of conversations about k