A very nice man

Picture the scene. It’s the mid 1980s and at the Automobile Association’s headquarters, senior management is meeting to discuss the latest statistics. One figure stands out from all others... the AA Rider Club. Created as the two-wheeled equivalent of the regular AA recovery service, it seems that on some weekends in the Summer it can’t cope with demand. There’s arisk to profits and something must be done. The problem’s quickly identified as a bunch of young scooter enthusiasts, whose ageing machines keep breaking down, with only

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Scootering2 min read
‘We Spoke To…
Charlie, Victoria, Amanda, Baz and Mollie from Nuttycrew S.C. Having enjoyed Friday’s entertainment they were all up early the next morning ready for the day ahead. “Nuttycrew is made up of like-minded people who all like to have a laugh, dance and h
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Accessorised Shaft
Fitting genuine, as well as after-market accessories are a way to personalise any vehicle. Scooter manufacturers, along with every other sort of vehicle manufacturer, weren't slow in realising the financial benefits of offering extras. Nor for that m
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Back to Hell… Again
This gorgeous old school cutdown first graced the pages of Scootering back in December 1990, when it was owned by Kevin Dearne. Although Hellbound’s irrevocably linked with his name, Kev wasn’t the project’s instigator. “I’d been out drinking in Burt