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The Treatment Glossary


“I would encourage people to seek out practitioners of cognitive behavioral therapy,” says Lazarus. Focusing on corrective thoughts and actions, behavioral therapy aims to provide everyday strategies for the stresses and anxieties of the here and now. But avoid “monotherapy”—an

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Men's Health7 min read
Go Fish!
STAND IN FRONT of any seafood counter and you may start to feel paralyzed. “Wild,” “farm-raised,” “processed in the U.S.,” “sustainable,” “organic”—all these terms pounce on your brain and the next thing you know you’re fleeing the fishmonger and pic
Men's Health2 min read
The MH Energy-Shot Decoder
THOSE NEW LITTLE bottles at the checkout counter promise so much more than five-hour energy. They’re packed with amino acids (same as fish!), herbs (herbal!), and miracle compounds from the Amazon (exotic place-name!). It’s all very “plant-based” and
Men's Health2 min read
Make Peace WITH THE “Dad Life”
THE SINGLE WORST question you can ask the parent of a small child is “When are you having another?” The second-worst question is a little less predictable and a lot more insidious. About a month ago, a younger, unmarried, un-kidded colleague asked me