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Barr’s Narrative of Victimhood

The attorney general’s presentation will likely please the president, but does little for the credibility of the Department of Justice.
Source: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

What possible reason did Attorney General William Barr have to hold a press conference about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report before the report was released?

It was not, based on his brief remarks Thursday morning, to instill public faith in the process, for he did little of that. Nor was it to answer questions from the press, for he did little of that as well—bristling at a few reporters’ questions before tersely exiting the stage.

Instead, Barr seemed most interested in painting President Donald Trump the press conference: “The Special Counsel found no ‘collusion’ by any Americans in the IRA’s illegal activity”; “there was no evidence of Trump campaign ‘collusion’ with the Russian government’s hacking”; “after finding no underlying collusion with Russia.”

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