100 Dances For 100 Years Of Merce Cunningham

To celebrate the centennial of the modern-dance pioneer's birth, dancers at theaters in London, New York and Los Angeles performed a total of 100 solos that the master choreographed.
L-R: Dancers Reid Bartelme, David Norsworthy and Sara Mearns perform in the Merce Cunningham centennial tribute Night of 100 Solos at Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. The staging of the event often saw multiple dancers performing independent solo routines simultaneously. Source: Stephanie Berger

The choreographer Merce Cunningham would have turned 100 years old this week. And so his revolutionary legacy in dance was commemorated with special performances in London, New York and Los Angeles called Night of 100 Solos.

As 25 performers rehearsed the program recently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the studio was almost eerily silent — save for the sound of dancers walking, running and jumping. They were

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