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Ace Classics keep the Trophy rolling

ACE CLASSICS, OF Lee in south London, have been Triumph pre-unit specialists since 1991, when founder Cliff Rushworth decided to solve the problems he was having getting decent parts to keep his beloved pre unit twins on the road, by having them made for him.

Regulars at bike shows

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Frank Westworth
ONE OF THE FEW GENUINE PERILS OF A LIFE lived with a strange focus on elderly motorcycles is Death By Anorak. I doubt it’s happened very frequently, or the sensationalist tabloids would be rammed with headlines demanding Immediate Action, and sundry
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Enjoy What You Have
THE WEATHER’S BEEN KIND RECENTLY, so I hope you’ve been making the most of it. I’ve been sneaking out when I can on the B31. It’s starting well, running fine and is such a hoot, until the front brake cable snapped chasing a modern CCM. Mental note to
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■ Design Genius – The 1931 Rudge 250cc Radial Engine
The Isle of Man TT races may be about the riders nowadays, but in times past, it was all about the bikes. It was the most important proving ground, and therefore a good performance was the perfect marketing tool for any motorcycle manufacturer. Win o