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Honda Cb250k
THE BRITISH L-PLATED rider in the late 1960s was not particularly well-served by the world’s motorcycle manufacturers. If you were 17 you wanted a 250 but you were stuck with ageing designs from the Brits like the BSA Starfire or the Triumph 250 Trop
Classic Bike Guide5 min read
Ariel 650 Huntmaster
ARIEL’S 650CC HUNTMASTER. It’s just a BSA Flash A10 in sensible shoes, right? That’s a common opinion... and it could not be more wrong. Certainly, the engine can use some of the parts from the A10 power plant under its Ariel cases, but the rest of t
Classic Bike Guide3 min read
Old Meets New
I still love the Stafford show, there’s always something different and it makes you feel like you’re part of a much larger classic world. This month I had one of those lucky ‘pinch me’ moments, being fortunate enough to spend a little time with some