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Seeley-Honda The Seventies Superbike

As Colin Seeley gazes at the bike that carries his name on the fuel tank his face breaks into a huge smile. “I’ve designed a lot of motorcycles in my time,” he says. “But this is the one I’m most proud of. My company was a minnow compared to mighty Honda but we built a bike that handled better than any CB750 and looked a lot better as well. And it still looks stunning today!”

If Colin was smiling, you should have seen the look on owner Jack Machils’ face. He was ecstatic. “What a compliment!” says the Frenchman, who has owned this bike for nine years. The engine was lifted from a 1976 CB750 F1, but the forks and triple discs are off the F2 version.

“The engine was taken out to 836cc and a sports camshaft fitted before

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