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If you’re looking for some exciting garden projects to produce tastier, healthier crops, then take a look at the latest book from regular contributor, Joyce Russell. Full of practical advice, tips and clearly explained step-by-step stages, New Vegetable Garden Techniques consists of 23 project ideas, from ones to get you started all the way through to harvesting. Make a foolproof single-dig bed, build a sturdy bean frame, create a vertical garden, make perfect pesto basil, protect plants from pests, and so on. Organised into four parts, you will find lots of sound advice

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Watch Out For
As mentioned above, flea beetles are public enemy number one for these crops, especially as young seedlings. These persistent little black, shiny beetles nibble the leaves, leaving tiny pin-prick holes in them. In severe cases seed leaves can be redu
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In The Greenhouse
Although you may have had a few ripe tomatoes in July, August is when they start to come thick and fast from the greenhouse or polytunnel. It’s one of my favourite times because not only do I enjoy growing tomatoes, we eat lots of them, either fresh,
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Help your plants survive a summer of hot spells and heatwaves. Wilting, scorching and aborting flowers are the side-effects of a plant’s natural reaction to heat stress. Chill Out’s unique formula prevents this by stimulating plants to focus on root