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Expect huge, juicy berries fruiting on the current season’s wood! Harvest the mouthwateringly good berries from September to November. Eat them straight from the bush or try to get them home for the apple and blackberry pie without eating them! Berries which

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Seasonal Salad Leaves
One of the most rewarding veg plants to grow has to be the lettuce. What other crop can be sown and grown almost all year round, comes in a variety of shapes and colours, and can be eaten raw or cooked? When I’m talking about lettuce I don’t just mea
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August Tips
■ If you haven’t already done it, pinch out the tips of your indoor tomato plants to stop them producing more flowering trusses and fruits. This ensures that all the plant's energy goes into the existing fruit on the plant, meaning it will fully deve
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What’s New?
A recent report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – a panel studying the benefits of nature to humans – concludes that biodiversity is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history