Mention any scooter dealer and people will associate them with a certain style or brand they are connected with. It may be a famous custom scooter they have created or a type of cylinder kit they build their engines around. Mention AF Rayspeed though, and the list is not only endless, but also hugely varied. They have done so much within the trade over such a long period of time, it would be quite easy to devote a whole magazine to what they have actually achieved.

Where did it all start?

I don’t think anyone who owns a Lambretta or any other scooter for that matter hasn’t heard of Ray Kemp, the driving force behind AF Rayspeed. Even Ray had to start somewhere though, and he learned his trade as an apprentice at Arthur Francis Limited. Starting in 1968 and having a keen eye for Lambretta tuning and racing, Ray was ideally situated to learn from the master of his time. By the mid-1970s and the decline of the scooter industry, Arthur offered Ray the chance to take over the business, or what was left of it, for a small sum.

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