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How Goebbels' final letter made its way from Hitler's bunker to a Chicago family — and at last to the Holocaust Museum

CHICAGO - In his home in a wooded neighborhood in north suburban Lincolnshire, Mitch Work spreads out some of the extraordinary artifacts of his late father's life.

Framed on the wall is a painting of a lakeside villa in rural Austria where his father interrogated one of the last people to come out of Hitler's bunker. On the dining room table, Work has placed a book about Hanna Reitsch, the German pilot his father questioned, a copy of the report he wrote about the interrogation, and photocopies of two key documents Reitsch carried out of the bunker, the last letters of Joseph and Magda Goebbels.

The documents are copies because Work, 72, and his younger brother recently donated the originals to the United States

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