Forget sourdough and Silicon Valley: Greater San Francisco’s most valuable treasure is its 80,000-acre necklace of wildflower-spotted hills, miles-long beaches, and oceanside bluffs. Stretching from Tomales Bay in the north to the redwood groves southwest of the Bay—with the Golden Gate Bridge smack in the middle—the chain of public land offers everything from quick lunchtime treks to campsites so quiet you’ll forget you could be back

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9 See The Rainbow.
Anyone who claims to hate all bugs has clearly never seen a butterfly, at least certainly not the American copper. This beautiful flutterer loves to hang out in “disturbed habitats,” or human-impacted wild places. Maybe it just wants to be our friend
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Tarp Origami
This configuration is similar to the classic A-frame, but trades a narrower interior for built-in groundcover. 1. Tie a ridgeline at waist height between two trees. Drape the tarp over the ridgeline lengthwise so that two-thirds hang on one side. 2.
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Fjällräven Keb Fleece Hoodi
I’m hard on my apparel’s elbows. Maybe it’s because I recline on any and every surface on breaks and in camp. Or maybe it’s that I wear garments until they’re rags. Either way, it’s shocking to think about all the places I’ve rubbed the elbows of my