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In the early nineties, I found myself working at a historical mansion in Washington DC that served as a retreat for congressmen, senators and world leaders. I spent my days mangling sheets, polishing marble floors and turning rooms, and my time off revelling in the city’s galleries and museums. Good farmers’ markets were emerging and there was a wave of new “ethnic” restaurants in the city.

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Woolworths TASTE2 min readFood & Wine
Preservation Station
Taking inspiration from Spain, this deli serves sardines in olive oil, octopus in a Galician sauce, mussels in harissa and mackerel with tomato – and more – all from cans. “Our bar is often lined with people snacking on tinned fish,” says Continental
Woolworths TASTE4 min readFood & Wine
Curry On
“This book is about Durban curry, continued ...a show that has been running since the 1860s, when the first indentured labourers came from India to work in the sugar cane plantations of then colonial Natal. They brought spices, and seeds, and recipes
Woolworths TASTE6 min readFood & Wine
Souper Food
Serves 4 EASY Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 30 minutes olive oil 2 Tonion 1, dicedWoolworths chicken fajita spice mix 2 Tchicken stock 1 litrequinoa 40 gblack beans 2 x 400 g cans, rinsed and drainedlimes 2, cut into wedgesfeta 100 g, cube