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The Taste case
1 Spier Creative Block 2 2018 This wine is a harmonious and pleasing blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. It’s pale straw in colour with hints of lime on the edge, presenting a flavour explosion of fynbos and gooseberries with a tropical note of w
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“This recipe is inspired by a sweet potato pie combined with a double-baked soufflé. The earthy beetroot and walnuts are a winning combo, and it’s really delicious served with a lemony wild rocket salad on the side.” Serves 4 Preparation: 1 hour
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The Comfort Zone
NEVER HAS AN ISSUE filled with such comforting food been produced in the midst of so much discomfort. Personal challenges have a way of compelling you take stock or, in my case, to make stock. The smell of chicken broth simmering quietly on the stove