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Unlocking Agnes' secrets: U. of C. researchers unearth a surprising discovery about 1950s transgender case in Tribeca film fest documentary

Chase Joynt and Kristen Schilt might not fit your definition of swashbuckling explorers - he's a filmmaker and post-doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, she's a U. of C. sociology professor.

But when the pair embarked on a research project that involved one of the seminal case studies in the study of transgender people, they found themselves digging in dusty boxes, sifting through reams of old paper stuffed into a dead professor's unsorted archive, and finally peeking inside a rusty file drawer, Indiana Jones-style, to uncover a never-before-seen part of the past. "You can't make this stuff up," says Joynt.

What Joynt and Schilt discovered was a treasure trove of notes, part of

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