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From global family insurance to minimum tenure, India Inc. is going out of the way to keep its honchos happy. But not all perks are in black and white.

Guenter Butschek, the CEO of Tata Motors, draws an annual basic salary of Rs 2.5 crore. But his perks and allowances total about Rs 13 crore. With incentives and retirement benefits, his remuneration adds up to a little over Rs 26 crore.

That's not all. In case the company initiates termination of his service before the end of his term (for reasons other than the violation of the Tata Code of Conduct), he will be entitled to severance pay for 12 months or the balance term of the agreement, whichever is less. HUL Managing Director Sanjiv Mehta's annual salary is Rs 6.96 crore but he received profits of Rs 5.6 crore in lieu of salary in 2017/18, besides other perks worth over Rs 1 crore. He also has stock options valued at Rs 5.43 crore. In all, the amount comes to over Rs 19 crore.

Clearly, when you are in the

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