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'Globalisation is moving from products to services and data'

Hans Paul Burkner, Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group, is among the world's top consultants. In an interview with BT's Goutam Das and Sumant Banerji, Burkner defends globalisation. Edited excerpts:

A lot of countries are closing borders, and there is a mood of anti globalisation. There are right wing attacks. How does this effect business?

It is not just right wing attack but a populist attack from both sides of the extreme. They are seeing loss of control. In developed countries, they fear losing factories, and jobs. Overall, we have gone through a very positive development across the world, which has reduced poverty, increased life expectancy. More children are going to schools than ever before. Fewer people die than ever before in civil wars and (national) wars.

This does not mean that we want to diminish the suffering that people in Syria and other places are going through. However, we should not forget that enormous progress has been made. A

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