Few of us want to devote our weekends to garden chores, but every outdoor space needs a certain amount of care and attention. Paving needs to be swept from time to time and occasionally pressure-washed. Timber decks need to be re-sealed, hedges trimmed, tree branches pruned and mulch replenished. Some of these tasks are a once- or twice-a-year deal, but if you have a lawn or swimming pool, well, they demand frequent attention.

When planning your garden, there are lots of simple measures you can employ to reduce upkeep or make ongoing maintenance easier. Opt for an irrigation system operated by a smart wireless timer so you don’t have to remember to water the garden, and if you don’t like mowing, invest in a robotic lawnmower. Other good tips are to seal pavers so they are more stain resistant, place a cover on your pool when it’s not in use to keep leaf litter out, and build your deck out of a composite material that won’t need to be re-oiled or re-stained.

Choosing lower-maintenance plants, and making smart planting selections, will certainly make for a garden that is easier to care for. If

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