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Fine Artist, Tutor and Art Judge

I remember always being passionate about drawing, from childhood right through to now. I always knew, deep down, that being a pencil artist was my career path. Even as a youngster, I was never prolific ever, but would spend many hours absorbed totally, drawing a carefully considered work with lots of detail and accuracy.

Pencils have always been my chosen medium, even though I learnt all other mediums. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of using pencil and the effects created by pencil and can happily spend many hours with a pencil in hand. At university, I studied all forms of 2D and 3D art, but majored in printmaking, etching and lithography – both being a form of drawing. Graduating with

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I was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1974. These days I live in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga. I moved to Brisbane in December 2007 with my husband Eric, who is a marine biologist at the University of Queensland. I have a small studio belo
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Glenn Demnar, my art mentor for many years, used the term ‘loose’. Looseness has become a predominant feature of my style. With oils, being ‘loose’ engenders minimal risk … it’s only paint. So-called mistakes can be corrected through overpainting; sc
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Slim Pickings
I roughly painted my canvas by using up remaining paints from a previous painting in earthy tones. I rubbed out some areas and added more paint into sections and left any marks that will represent the dry earth and twigs etc. As I do not intend to pa