HP Spectre Folio: This lightweight leather laptop is different in a very good way

I can’t take my hands off the HP Spectre. Lightweight and fully sheathed in leather, it feels great in a way that a metal- or plastic-clad laptop never could. Thanks to its energy-sipping Intel Core Y processor, it generates scant heat, and its battery lasts a very long time.

Of course, there are good reasons why we make computers out of hard materials that hold up well to use and abuse. That’s why I spent several months using the Spectre Folio on trains, buses, and planes, in and out of my bag, and on and off my lap. The miles and hours were enough to prove any laptop.

The verdict? I’d gladly take the HP Spectre Folio anywhere. It’s a thin-and-light laptop made even better with its unique looks and design, and unprecedented comfort.

No beauty comes without sacrifice, though. The Spectre Folio sacrifices some performance to keep its slender chassis cool, though it should be hard to notice if you stick to mainstream applications.

There’s also one big unknown: how the leather will hold up over years. In the latter case, at least I can say

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