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The marque of history

The 148-year-old jewellery brand Kishandas Co. celebrates classicism in design with traditional craftsmanship.

The legendary Patek Philippe tagline You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation, would probably work just as well for any heritage brand that grants lineage and legacy, a pride of place in its identity. Renowned jewellery house, Kishandas & Co. is a manifest expression of that sentiment. For a 148-year-old Rooted in classicism but theatrical in appeal, the jewellery shines forth with the best of Hyderabad, whether in the elegant renditions of pearls or in the craftsmanship of vintage designs. Another hallmark of their brand of luxury is that none of their pieces are replicated; the design begins with the gem and its rarity and so offering two of a kind is just as rare as their collection, they claim.

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