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A new prescription

With the perception of malpractice rising, the doctor-patient relationship faces the test of faith. It's time for both society and the medical world to talk and introspect.

Seventy-one years after Independence, as we revisit today what independence and autonomy mean to us in both conceptual and practical terms, a reminder of the fact that rights and responsibilities go together is perhaps needed. On that note, we may want to look at what the contours of those rights and responsibilities look like in the context of a doctor-patient relationship. The interaction between the two is indicative of more than just what is happening in the interspace of the doctor and the client. It is also reflective of the larger societal and legal influences which will inevitably influence the interaction. So, the sense of autonomy that the patient has in the clinical encounter will be determined by how society views the doctor. Equally, the sense of

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