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Series Debut

L.A.’s Finest


Huzzah for progress: Hollywood still churns out cut-and-paste action comedies, but now women get to take the lead. Gabrielle Union reprises her Bad Boys II role as Syd Burnett, an LAPD detective who spends her downtime racking up one-night stands. Her partner Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) is the opposite: a married stepmom who pouts when you miss family book club. Together they (cue all the sad trombones) trade quips during shootouts and hide Dark Secrets. Other fine actors wasted here include Evan Handler, all boxy-suit bluster as Captain Hirsch, and Ernie Hudson as Syd’s father. “It doesn’t get any realer than this,” Hirsch intones in the premiere. It doesn’t get any better, either. C– —Kristen Baldwin



What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali

8–10:40PM | HBO

This Antoine Fuqua-directed doc uses Ali’s own words and unseen archival footage to trace the famed boxer’s life—his early career as Cassius Clay, conversion to Islam, fights against Joe Frazier, and later years as a humanitarian.


Season Premiere


9–10PM | A&E

If you thought Wahlburgers was just the name of a burger chain co-owned by the capital-A actor Mark Wahlberg, NKOTB member Donnie, and chef brother Paul, think again. Entering its 10th (and final) season, the show doesn’t provide as much behind-the-scenes action as you might hope: Mark and Donnie pester Paul a lot about everything from not knowing “lingo” to his lack of social media, which makes for unpleasant viewing. However, you’ll see plenty of Wahlberg

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