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Sugar. Most people crave it — every single day. Unfortunately, research continues to build linking sugar consumption to major diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. We know we need to break up with the sweet stuff, but for many of us, it’s hard to do. Here are some compelling reasons to cut back.

1. It’s addictive. Sugar not only fuels your brain’s cells, it also lights up your brain’s reward system. When sugar levels run low, your brain sends a signal – in the form of a craving – encouraging you to keep the steady supply of pleasure coming. By constantly rewarding those cravings, you get stuck on the sugar roller coaster.

2. It increases belly fat. Many health professionals believe high sugar intake (most Americans consume 82 grams of sugar daily) is a major factor in rising worldwide obesity rates. When you eat sugar, it breaks down into glucose and fructose, some of which enters your bloodstream. Your pancreas produces insulin to move glucose from your bloodstream into your cells where it will be burned for energy or stored as fat. Fructose gets metabolized in the liver, where it can be used for energy or converted into glycogen, your body’s warehouse for storing glucose. When your glycogen stores are full, fructose gets converted to fat, which damages the liver, contributing to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

   The microbes that live inside you, especially in your gut, are so important to your health that scientists consider them another

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