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WHEN SOMEONE in your industry has a highly successful model, the temptation must be just about irresistible to produce your own version of that bike. In fact we know it’s irresistible; take the most successful bike of recent decades, BMW’s (now 1250) GS, and you’ll see that even Harley-Davidson is creating a bike for the same market.

Let’s face it, though, shooting for the same market can also mean shooting yourself in the foot. It’s

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Editor Speaks
ARE WE AS A NATION getting dumber? I think we could be judging by the stupidity I witnessed on a recent trip north out of Sydney. More and more drivers (and some riders) are looking at the edge of their bonnet (front tyre for the riders) and not taki
Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
Sa Sidecar Gathering
WITH THE PROMISE of dry weather I made a run for the Sidecar Gathering at Whyte Yackowie to catch up with a few dubious characters. Day one was an uneventful run to the Murray River to pick up my riding mate. Heading for Mildura the next day we hit s
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Deep Space
After giving the bird to the pollies at Parliament House head north over Molonglo River (Lake Burley Griffin) on Commonwealth Avenue, take the off ramp onto Parkes Way and follow the river taking the Tuggeranong Parkway ramp to head south. After a co