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Keep Your Knees Safe

In 2007, I slipped while descending a steep trail in Shenandoah National Park. I took a hard blow to the outside of my left knee, shredding the lateral meniscus and articular cartilage and dislocating the kneecap. I faced major surgeries to save the knee from a partial joint replacement. My orthopedic surgeon was upfront: Recovery would be long and arduous. More than anything else, my mindset would be the key to my healing. That meant I needed to cultivate a nurturing relationship with my knees.

Fortunately, prior to the accident I’d been a yoga practitioner with a daily meditation habit for 19 years. Before surgery, I dedicated an hour a day to channeling love and gratitude into my knees. By the time I was wheeled into the operating room for the first of two surgeries that ultimately restored the joint’s structure, the knee had become my

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