'Game Of Thrones' Finale, Season 8, Episode 6: 'No One Is Very Happy'

After eight seasons, 73 episodes and a whole lot of characters saying "bend the knee" all the time, HBO's massive fantasy series is finally over.
Having well and truly landed, Queen Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) surveys the ruins of King's Landing on the final episode of Game of Thrones. Source: HBO

We've recapped the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Spoilers, of course, abound.

I mean ... sure?

I am prepared to die on the ashy hill of They Didn't Lay The Necessary Track To Justify Daenerys' Heel-Turn, but that whole contretemps seems soooo last week. I've made my peace with it, and am prepared to dissect the show that they made, not the one we expected/wanted them to.

In the show they made, Daenerys became the monster. Jon slayed said monster, as he was evidently fated to do, and got sent to the Wall without his supper. The Iron Throne got turned into a slag heap, and after briefly flirting with the notion of representative democracy, Bran MacGuffin became King of the Six Kingdoms, Sansa became Queen in the North, and Arya ... went on a cruise. (If you were waiting for her Bag O'Faces to come back somehow, you were disappointed. So let's you and I pretend that she's using it to entertain the ship's crew with her convincing impressions, two shows nightly in the Lido Deck Lounge. Maybe a one-woman deal called Walder Frey: King Leer? Or Heaven Can Waif?)

To business:

We're all born naked; the rest is dragon

After a short "Previously On" – essentially just Daenerys' decision to serve up the citizenry of King's Landing , and the death of Jaime and Cersei – we get the credits map, one last time. The only thing of note is that clockwork King's Landing is looking a

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