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My Analogue ‘DAW’

Let’s back up a bit… Why bother going down the ‘all analogue’ road at all? For years I’ve been hearing comments from veteran engineers and producers saying that a major problem with the digital recording process is the inexhaustible choice it offers via virtually unlimited tracks, endlessly tweakable parameters, huge range of plug-ins, and extensive editing options.

“Why can’t these kids make a choice and stick to it?” they’d grumble, placing their coffee mugs on their $200,000 Neve consoles. Comments like this assume that without the limitations of vintage gear, all DAW-based engineers will automatically default to excessive production styles. The reality is that digital recording is the only way most of us can do

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This month Joe Carra mastered a new live release for Mexican band Wet Rockets. Toronto band, Possum, were also mastering a full length album for CD and vinyl release. Canadian songstress, Gillian Moranz, was also mastering a new release along with Mo