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Coast to coast

Andy Farrer

Andy is an award-winning landscape photographer, fine-art printer and tutor. His compelling images from the UK and abroad are inspiring and frequently published. See more of his work on his website and @andyfarrerphoto (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter).

SHOOTING seascapes can be both challenging and rewarding. The variety of scenes at the coast provides a wealth of opportunities for photographers, be they the graceful receding waves on wild rugged shorelines or tranquil sandy beaches; minimalist long exposures flattening out the sea; photographing man-made jetties, posts and piers; or exploring the clifftop paths. The enjoyment of shooting at the coast is tough to match. I thrive on the unpredictable nature of coastal photography and the escapism that the sounds of the ocean provides.

Bad weather

I will often favour a bad-weather forecast for shooting seascapes, especially for rugged coastlines. High winds with rough seas crashing onto rocks and cliffs shot with fast shutter speeds show off the energy in the oceans. Rainy days can be a nuisance to keep the kit clean and dry, but if you can shoot with the breeze behind you it can be great. I especially like shooting wooden piers in wet conditions as the wet planks can give some wonderful reflections. Often

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