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I can Z for miles

live in an age of promiscuity, but I am having none of it. I'm talking about camera-system swapping, of course, as the remorseless rise of keenly priced mirrorless models persuades more and more photographers to trade in their DSLRs, or sees existing mirrorless shooters switching to a new brand entirely. As a travel, documentary and portrait/wedding photographer when I am not deputy-editing AP, I've been a heavy Nikon user for well over a decade now, and feel an emotional bond with its cameras and lenses that I don't get with other makers' gear. I am the first to admit that this sentiment is entirely subjective and unscientific, and probably comes down to the fact that nearly all my best photographic moments have happened with a Nikon in my hand. That is not to say that I am a blinkered zealot, however, and one of the best things about my job is being able to try out other makes (if you are reading this, Leica and Zeiss, I'd love to do a supermarket sweep of your current line-up…).

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