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Are You Normal?
You probably think it’s pretty easy to measure a dick. Whip it out. Grab a ruler. Get it hard. Have a look. Men do it all the time—62 percent in the MH survey said they had measured it—with a ruler (42 percent) or tape measure (18 percent) or other d
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SAVOR Singledom!
MY WIFE AND I HAD two babies, and having two babies is harder than having one baby. The simplest analogy that I can come up with is this: Imagine that you have one baby. Now imagine that there is another whole-ass baby in your house. People with one
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Attack The Flank!
You can make this meal even more delicious with any one of the steps that follow. You can even do all three (show-off). 5 min. Halve 1 or 2 fresh lemons, flick out any exposed seeds, and pop them on your grill grates while your steak cooks. High heat