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Big In Japan … Small In America
Sadly for car aficionados, the federal government’s regulations have kept us from enjoying the world’s coolest rides. A right-hand-drive car, or a vehicle too small to pass crash-safety tests, or one with an engine that would not pass emissions—all a
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Why Good Design Matters The Evolution Of Product From Mere Tool To Aesthetic Object
Following World War II, nearly all the world’s major industrialized powers were in ruin following the global slaughter; only America’s infrastructure had stayed intact, though it had just emerged from nearly two decades of economic depression and war
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Service life: 6 mo/11,852 mi • Avg. Fuel Econ: 17.6 mpg Avg CO2 1.10 lb/mi Energy cons 187 kW-hr/100 mi Unresolved problems None Maintenance cost $80.40 (oil change, inspection) Normal-wear cost $0 Base price $36,165 As-tested $38,265 EPA City/Hwy/Co