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In science class we learned “entropy is always increasing.” We may not remember what this fundamental tenet of the second law of thermodynamics really means, but it comes to mind as we face a daily fire hose of new products, services, clutter, information, news, and noise.

New products entering overcrowded markets clamor for attention with busy designs and brazen messaging. Against this cacophonous backdrop, Land Rover introduces a quieter, simplified, reductive redesign of the Range Rover Evoque—the crossover that helped launch

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Street survival
There’s no getting around it: Teenagers are pretty bad drivers when they first hit the road. Most high schools don’t offer drivers-ed courses anymore, and some states don’t even have formal driver education requirements. In other states, new drivers
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2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe
Better late than never. Years after its German rivals launched cut-down versions of their SUVs, Porsche has finally built a Cayenne with a lower roofline. The Cayenne Coupe arrives in the U.S. this fall with three powertrains, additional standard equ
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Car as Arteon
The 2019 Arteon’s best design detail is that it’s not immediately identifiable as a Volkswagen. The brand has produced some very safe designs lately, so it’s satisfying to see a sexier shape slink out of the design studios. The Arteon won’t inspire e