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Harvest currants as they ripen. If the weather is wet, it is better to pick individual ripe fruits rather than wait for a whole bunch to ripen and risk the ripest ones bursting and falling to the ground.


Sweetcorn plants rely on the wind to scatter pollen to nearby plants. This is why they are usually planted together in a block. In calm weather it

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Apricots, Peaches And Nectarines
Brown patches, then yellowy-white pustules in concentric circles on the fruit. Often follows damage by birds or insects. HOW TO CONTROL: Remove infected fruit to prevent the disease spreading and then burn. Don’t add to compost heap. A problem for
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On The Veg Patch
Plants are in full flower in early August and you should have plenty of beans to pick and enjoy before the month is out. Flowers can be slow to set pods in dry weather and it helps to lightly dampen pollen with a fine mist of water. Some beans can gr
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Anatomy Of An Automated Watering System
Irrigation systems deliver water either through sprinklers, porous hoses, a dripper system or a combination of those. A sprinkler wets everything, including leaves, while a soaker hose can be more targeted and just feeds water into the soil. A drippe